SUNDOWERSIM - NAS Miramar Late 1980's MSFS

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Naval Air Station Miramar, historically known as "Fightertown USA," is a significant United States Navy base located in San Diego, California. It has a rich history and is famous for its role in United States military aviation. The base is renowned for hosting the Navy's Fighter Weapons School, better known as "TOPGUN," which is a training program for naval aviators.

NAS Miramar gained widespread recognition due to its association with the 1986 film "Top Gun," which highlighted its role in training elite naval aviators.

This rendition of NAS Miramar is an accurate recreation of the legendary base in late 1980's, focusing on the golden age of the West Coast Tomcats!

The airport is depicted as realistically as possible, around 1986-1988, with the many squadrons living on the base, as well as the shooting of the iconic aviation movie.

NAS Miramar includes :

  • Accurately handplaced autogen, roads, taxiways, aprons, matching real-life pictures of the airfield as it was in the 1980s.
  • Buildings, static objects to match historical data from the 1980's.
  • Numerous static aircraft, handplaced on the accurate parking spots with historical and accurate numbers including :
  • F-14 Tomcats with accurate markings (VF-1/VF-2/VF-194/VF-124/VF-51/VF-111/VF-24/VF-114/VF-213)
  • E2-C Hawkeyes and C-2 Greyhounds with accurate markings (VAW-88/VAW-110/VAW-112/VAW-113/VAW-114/VAW-116/VAW-117)
  • F-5 Tigers with accurate markings, from the Famous TOP GUN adversary squadron (VF-126/VF-127)
  • A-4 Skyhawks with accurate markings from the Famous TOP GUN adversary squadron (VF-126/VF-127)

Note: The freeware Top-Gun Expansion Pack is required for all features to work correctly.