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Skydesigners is proud to introduce you their latest scenery: Naval Air Station Key West for Microsoft Flight Simulator!

Located in the famous Florida Keys, The Boca Chica Field, also known as Naval Air Station Key West, is located on Boca Chica Key, four miles (6 km) east of the central district of Key West.

The Airfield belongs to the Fighter Composite Squadron 111 (VFC-111) using the F-5N Tiger, and an aggressor fighter for Dogfight Training as the Strike Fighter Squadron 106 (VFA 106) using F/A 18 Super Hornets. The NAS Key West is for the first time depicted in MSFS during the 2005-2010 period.

Scenery Specifications :

- Hand placed buildings and vegetation polygons to match reality
- Photoreal textured Buildings, as accurate as reality
- Night Lighting
- Numerous Static Aircraft such as F-18 Hornets, F5 Tigers, E2C Hawkeye, Gulfstream G-159, SH-60 SeaHawk, HH-60 Jayhawk, and much more, with accur|ate registrations and Bureau Numbers.
- Accurate Aprons and Taxiways in accordance with the available charts.
- Many Goodies and eye candies such as Marshalls, US Navy personnel, and other objects to make the scenery more immersive.
- NAS Key West North Heliport added.
- United States Coast Guard Station Key West added with dedicated LZ.
- Other Civilian Landing Zones around Key West for civilian and military operations.

V2 Changelog:

- Complete Remodel of all Vehicles, Aircraft and buildings, with increased detail and poly count, added effects.
- Added New Ground Crew personnel, maintenance and US Navy objects from our library.
- Added Weathering, Oil, Dirt effects on dedicated aprons
- Corrected Missing Lighting on Runway
- Added the whole Key West downtown improvement including cruise ships and two civilian Landing Zones.
- Improvement of the whole Key West downtown area with dedicated Trees, and night lighting.
- Added the NAS Key West North Heliport with cold and dark parking spots and starting points.
- Added the USCG Station Key West with a helicopter starting point.