Aerial Refueling Pro


Welcome to Aerial Refueling Pro!

Aerial refueling, also known as air-to-air refueling, is the process of transferring fuel from one aircraft (the tanker) to another (the receiver) during flight. This critical operation extends the range and endurance of military aircraft allowing them to stay airborne longer without the need for landing to refuel. Aerial refueling is conducted using specialized equipment and precise flying techniques, typically involving two main methods: the flying boom and the probe-and-drogue.

Aerial Refueling is typically described by pilots as one of the most complex and demanding maneuvers in aviation. Miltech Simulations has been the first team to successfully simulate air refueling in Microsoft Flight Simulator. 

  • A handful of tanker models will be included, Including the KC135, KC130 and A330MRTT
  • Both refueling methods are supported - Flying Boom and Probe-and-Drogue
  • Request a tanker anywhere, anytime - Tankers spawn at a predefined distance from the user aircraft, and at set altitudes and speeds. You may request a tanker anytime during your sortie, or perform practice refuelings during any free flight.
  • Over 30 3rd party aircraft are compatible - including all Miltech Simulations, DC Designs, CJ Simulations and IndiaFoxtEcho aircraft.*
  • Realistic sounds and calls from the refueling operator.
  • Refueling times and capacities adjusted for aircraft type. 

* Full list of compatible aircraft will be available on release. Only aircraft with a modeled refueling probe will be compatible. Bredok3D and MScenery aircraft products will not be compatible.



  • Xbox compatible?: YES!
  • Are the tankers flyable?: NO, at least not on initial release. The product has been developed from the "receiver" point of view, and hence the tankers fly autonomously. 
  • Is it compatible over Multiplayer?: To be decided. Due to the high complexity of the addon and the limitations of multiplayer, compatibility is subject to further investigation.
  • What if my aircraft is not compatible?: We will progressively add more products to the compatibility list based on requests from the community, and subject to having modeled refueling probes.